Electrical/Energy engineer specialized within the field of Quality Assurance Management.

Different sectors have been my mentor

Planning and design of lighting in Hotels

Quality Assurance within Natural gas High Pressure Systems

Lead auditor - Industry and tunnel buildings

Quality Manager 25+ years in Manufacturing Industry

Head of Quality 10+ years in Medico industry

Project Manager Supplier Control

Project Responsibility

Selection, approval and monitoring of suppliers within high pressure gas systems

Project Details

Quality Assurance - Certification

Project Responsibility

Ensure compliance with Military requirements to Quality Assurance in manufacturing process Industry. Certification ref. ISO 9001.

Quality Assurance Management

Project Responsibility

Management, establishing of strategy and adherance with KPI`s. Lead Auditor - Quality & EHS systems

Jens-Kristian K. Søndergaard

Head of Quality

Phone:    +45 49 11 21 11


Address:  Denmark, Thisted 7700

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