Practical advises - easy garden

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13 Practical advises - easy gardening

1: Let your lawn develop to maximum size.

Easier to do the lawn than culturing the area

2: Compleete boarderlines with Tiles made from cement.

Easier to avoid uninvited grass outside the lawn.

3: If you do not like to cultivate, use Chippings - 10 cm layer on your ground.

4: Avoid Moss by frequent fertilizing.

Do a root cut early April

5: Ad Calsium in Februrary to avoid Moss.

Do it in Februrary to avoid the contamination to your Boots and your area

6: Cut your lawn 2 times every time.

Do it twice a week.

7: Collect grass when cutting.

Avoiding to contaminate your home with loose grass.

8: Crop trees when you have the full overview of what you like and don`t like.

9: Shadow generates Moss

10: Clean your Tiles/Terrasses by water at high pressure.

Removes the moss and some cement. Generates fine Patina/smooth surface

11: Never use a Hoe, you develop even more seeds.

Remove Weed by your hand.

By time no new weed appears.

12: Arranging new areas with Tiles:

Use water and sand for compacting.

Never use Cement

13: Use the Toxan selectively once/year on the lawn to avoid undesirable weed.

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